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01-Jan-2018 21:06

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Whether true or false, they are extensions and representations of those people.

By being active in our profile’s existence, we make ourselves part of the creeping database.

If you won’t use your senses, your gut, your brain, your self-awareness etc., to take a reading on a situation, to open up a dialogue, to help you figure out whether an experience is in alignment with the values you profess to have and the feelings and life you want to experience, snooping, hiring detectives or even dragging your partner on reality shows becomes the substitute for these.

I regularly hear from BR readers who have taken to playing Columbo or Jessica Fletcher behind their partner’s backs.

"The internet is still a relatively young technology.

It brings enormous benefits to citizens everywhere and ...

We don’t need to wait for a Bond movie to ponder the perennial question of “who watches the watchmen”: that is, how we, the people consciously permit our security to be defended.

The technology in question isn’t invisible Aston Martins or exploding watches.

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I don’t even eat Pringles that often but leave a red tube in front of me and they will disappear. Because they are either looking for something to validate the story that they’ve decided on, or they are looking to validate concerns that may be related to code amber and red alerts.

It argues that complete engagement and partnership with private sector owner–operators of Critical National Infrastructure are vital to the success of the government's National Cyber Security Strategy.

It makes the case that for cyber resiliency to be fully effective, action is needed at national and global levels requiring states and private industry better to comprehend the threat environment and the risks facing Critical National Infrastructure from cyber attacks and those responsible for them.

Today, when we meet someone, multiple realms of connectivity, compatibility, and introduction suddenly collide: those of our physical selves (aka IRL) as well as our online selves.

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Because of that, we have even more layers of compatibility to consider.

the UK has rightly positioned itself as a leading digital nation.