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17-Nov-2017 09:31

I would like to restore previous ( before edit started) value of cell instead of make it blank. In the example below, a min Length of 1 is set on the array items, but the form allows submission with an empty array item field.If they select a previous/future date first then they can change it to the current date, but this isn't the most efficient thing to do, of course.Is there any reason why the grid isn't allowing selection of the current date without selecting a different date first?

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The following procedures describe how to apply validation rules to Data Grid bindings and customize the visual feedback.

Regarding your first two issues, IMHO this is not the default behavior of the grid.

There is a Cell Change event which fires when the user begins to type a value in the cell.

Secondly, the decimal columns aren't validating correctly.

I'm setting the Yet, when clicking on either of these columns, the cell will show the string (Which can't be deleted), then when clicking off the cell without entering a value will just show an empty cell.The Regex property only validates after a users clicks out of the cell.