Ubuntu updating nvidia being too available dating

03-Oct-2017 08:02

I recently had to figure out how to set up a new Ubuntu 16.04 machine with NVIDIA's new GTX 1080 Ti graphics card for use with CUDA-enabled machine learning libraries, e.g.

Tensorflow and Py Torch; since the card (as of this writing) is relatively new, the process was pretty involved.

Native pip installs Tensor Flow directly on your system without going through any container system.

We recommend the native pip install for system administrators aiming to make Tensor Flow available to everyone on a multi-user system.

(This is actually pretty easy.) To start working with Tensor Flow, you simply need to "activate" the virtual environment.

During the virtualenv installation process, you will install not only Tensor Flow but also all the packages that Tensor Flow requires.

I’ve never been into heavy-duty graphics processing units (GPUs), but I got bit by the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency bug so I had to buy one to build a trial cryptocurrency mining rig.